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Up the pressure…

Looking at my calendar makes me shrug. Two more months and the year 2011 is already over? How can this be??? It seems like time is rushing faster when you are having fun – and we certainly do while we are here in Taiwan – but time also seems to tick faster if one has concrete plans, which are almost set in stone.

Like I’ve told you in my previous post I signed up for the Fubon …no not a marathon yet…the 9km run. Something unthinkable for me in January 2011. So in the preparation for this run I got the useful tip to follow the programme from Hal Higdon ’10K Training for Novice’. I managed to stick to most parts of the programme and have now even a few weeks in addition before the actual race. The past two Sundays I even decided on taking our little girl for a run in the stroller. Each time 8km. The run was fun and all good…but the day after I experienced what seasoned runners know for a long time: a runners knee.

It is not the end of the world, but I can see how pushing up the bar a tad higher has an impact on me and my body. (Would be bad if it didn’t 😉 For now I will keep an eye on it, make sure I listen to my body and make lots of strength and stretching exercises.

The other thing that has gotten double of attention is my upcoming book on “How to have a Healthy Life with Chocolate”. It is fun continue writing on it, but the demands that come with it: marketing the eBook, having a website in place, keep me on my toes. Last night I even woke up to write something in the middle of night. Only for an hour – and I am quite happy that I got up for those thoughts luring in my mind.

Anyhow once the curtain of my very first eBook is unveiled you will hear a BIG ‘sigh’ coming off me as the pressure gets released like in a pressure cooker.

P.s.  Don’t expect a 200-page shelf duster. I want to have something small, nifty and compact. Something that is full with hands-on tips and exercises to get you in a healthy, good shape! 🙂

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Work in progress..

I know…I have not been a good blogger lately. But that doesn’t mean I have not been focusing on my target! In fact, because I was so determined and focused on my target to turn my previously Coach-Potatoe-being into a sporty, healthy, new and attractive me – I found I have little time to sit down and write blog posts. I am doing my own Food trigger analysis and combating it with the help of water, fruits, exercise and of course some very dark and very yummy chocolate. (My husband had yesterday a stopover in Switzerland and guess what was on his ‘shopping list’ from me 😉

Especially the exercise regime has been getting lots of attention. My very first running event, that I am attending…yes, me, myself and I….decided to take part in the 9km Fubon run on Dec 18, 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan. It might seem like a small thing – but for someone like me – it’s the event of the year! Watch out for more….

In addition to that I am still in the midst of writing my eBook, which I am hopefully able to reveal to you by 1st of January. Just right in time to make a new start for your own life to get fit & healthy and yet enjoying life.

I thought I share with you my current cover idea for the book. This is a flat kindle book version. I wanted to keep it pretty clean and simple and I like the white background. It would be great, if you could give me some feedback, if you find the cover appealing and if you would want to find out more about the book. Also if you think there is something missing: let me know! Every feedback is appreciated!

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How a loss – can be a win

Have you ever lost something before…and only in hindsight you saw the positive results in it? I have quite a few moments of these in my life. Here just a few examples:





-> After university I applied for a trainee position with a well-known national company. After an Assessment Center with them I got a letter, saying I came in ‘second’. Meaning – if the candidate of their choice said no – I would get that job. (What an unthankful position to be in…). Anyhow…the person took the job and NOW I am happy that I did not get the job. I might have never gone overseas and experienced all the wonderful things that I did.

-> The next example is definitely harder to chew on. We lost our first daughter due to prematurity and its complications. How could such a horrible thing – ever be regarded as something positive? Well…it is not something that comes to everybody who experience the loss of a child – but some parents will agree that this was the glue in their relationship, as it made the marriage stronger and more enduring.

-> In comparions the next two examples are of very minor importance – yet, they make my thoughts spin at the moment: Our part-time helper, which was giving us excellent and most flexible Service in the past year, is off to a full-time position and although I cannot see the positive thing in here yet – I am sure it will one day become more apparent…

-> Last but not least …and here’s now the TRUE connection to my blog ‘Healthy Life with Chocolate’ …I am still loosing and loosing more weight. …and believe me – I am not making much of a compromise in terms of eating. Yes, that’s the way I like it! That kind of a loss – is an instant win for me!

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What true friends are for!

So, I am all good and healthy again. The common cold is gone…and like my grandmother said before: with medicine it takes 7 days and without medicine 1 week. Yep – in this case, it remained true again.

I am back on my regular workout regime since two weeks – but with a small difference: I am using now ‘Smart Technologies’ to help me in my quest of getting fit and healthy. It all started off with the fact, that I got a Smart Phone …no, it is not the one with an healthy apple on it, in fact it is an Android phone… isn’t it amazing all the names they can come up with?! (But since I am in Marketing, too – I can only smile :))

Anyhow – one of my friends said: “Some smartphones are smarter, than their owners”. Well, I very much hope that this isn’t the case for me – but I like to add, that one does not have to be very tech-savy in order to use the applications I am going to talk about:

Carbrodroid: That was the first health app I used. It is a small reminder system, which assists and reminds me of drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. I know, the latest research, can’t proof that drinking a lot of water is really beneficial for weight-loss. But it is the peak of summer in Taiwan, I am exercising a lot and last, but not least – if I am drinking, I can’t eat at the same time and I also don’t mistake one for another :)) SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

– Noom: Then I came across this ‘weight loss’ application, which perfectly integrates your desired progress (where are you today? where do you want to be?) with the two most important pillars of ‘Eating right’ and ‘Exercising’.

  • The first part of eating right is taken care of by a programme called ‘Calorific’. Although there are many calorie counters out there – I specifically like this one for its simplicity. Only decide, if what you have eaten was healthy (green), unhealthy (red) or anything in between (orange). The system will help you to choose as well. At the end of the day – you can see your pie chart and compare with your idea pie-chart and praise yourself or give yourself motivation to do it the next day better!

  • The Exercising part is covered by the ‘CardioTrainer’ and thanks to Google – it is a real little GPS wonder! It tracks your workouts (regardless of what workout you choose) in terms of time, speed, pace, distance covered and based on a few parameters also in terms of calories. If you purchase a heart-rate-monitor with Bluetooth capability it can even check if you are training at your best heart-rate training zone.

So, as you can hear – I am hooked!  But what has that all to do with ‘What true friends are for’?! Well, the programmes I described above also give you, after every workout the option to ‘share’ it with your ‘friends’ on Facebook. We all know, that most of us have ‘friends’ list, which are THAT long – that to some great extend they are not only ‘close friends’. Nowadays we add Business Partners, Colleagues, Neighbours, Acquaintances and so on .. on our FB list.  So is it actually wise to share my latest workout session with EVERYBODY? What will my friends think? Will they not think: oh gosh, there she is showing off again.. or other thoughts – even worse. I thought about this long and hard and came to the simple conclusion: my TRUE friends will understand. They will cheer me and acknowledge my efforts. It will hopefully also serve some others to get their motivation limbo up and going. And for all others, who think differently: well, too bad! And with these words I am closing this post and humming to myself: ‘It’s my liiiiife….and it is now or neeever…I ain’t gonna live forever…’ (Thank you Jon!)   P.s.: If you are using another software/app – I love to hear about your experience! What was good / what didn’t work. Thanks!

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Your body needs rest, too!

Ok, ok…I get it. In the past weeks I was quite on a mission. While shaping my programme (and myself) I was very eager not to miss any of my reserved exercise slots. Although I should be at the most relaxing time in my life – no regular work – just the kid and a little bit of household and yet I manage to take on sometimes more than I can chew:  – Mandarin classes, Committee Member of this organisation and active member of that organisation, then in addition my coaching practise I am working on… and I managed to put on more hours than a regular 9 to 5 job most likely would give me.

But, don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining! I do what I truly enjoy! …and that is key to all success. Even to weight loss success and the management of a healthy life.

What I am getting at is the point, that my body was trying to tell me this week: it is time to take a little exercise break. I got a common cold with a tad of fever, aching bones and a sore throat. Not the end of the world. Just not really the state of mind, you see yourself running around in the heat of Taipei mid summer sun at around 35 degree Celsius. (that’s 95 degree Farenheit in case you wonder).

So I cancelled my sport session yesterday and asked my hubby last night, if he thinks I should be going in the morning? Or if I am too much of a wimp? He looked at me for a second and said then with a strong tone in his voice: May I remind you of your own words and your own programme: “make a decision and don’t feel guilty about it.”

Oops, yes – he was right. Those are my words… Take responsibility for yourself and live with the fact that you are not 100% perfect – nor are you a machine, who can do clockwork. Well and even if you want to hold on to the thought that you function like a machine, then at least acknowledge, that even a machine needs a Service and maintenance from time to time!

So, this week – I have ordered myself some rest time!

What is far more difficult, then living with the fact that I can’t do Sport yesterday and today – is the fact: can I keep up of eating healthy, while I am in this state of ‘oh-i-feel-so-miserable’? I am too tired to cook myself a good, healthy vegetable or chicken soup. The only plus point is – that I have stocked up in the past weeks only on healthy food. That means in my dining room is a big bowl of the most delicious Taiwanese summer fruits: Mangos, Passion Fruits, Cherries, …..   So I can’t really be a piggy and eat very wrong. (I love the fact that I shopped with a plan in mind 🙂

…and even if my body / mind says: hey, let’s have a dark chocolate pudding. Then I know I can. I have been good and I know I will go back to my exercise programme next week again. There is no doubt in that!

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Celebrating the 5kg mark!

I am not sure if I should leave this title like that or if I shall add the subtitle: now I am going to throw my scale away!
When I started my journey of gaining a healthy life with chocolate, I had merely only one wish. There was no clothes size that I desired to fit in nor a magic number to reach on my scale…it was the simple desire to like myself and my body again.

I have now managed to drop 5kg without a lot of sweat. Well, not quite true. I did sweat A LOT in the past weeks – but I also indulged into many temptations. In other words: I lived my life fully and without regrets. Whenever it was possible for me I opted for healthy food options. (I.e. I love Muesli for breakfast, eating fruits and salads…) but believe me I just as well love to eat a piece of cake from time to time or gulp a nice beer shandy (beer with lemonade in case you wonder…:)

Most of my sweet tooth temptations I could simply supress by eating one tiny single wrapped piece of high cacao content / dark chocolate straight after lunch and sometimes one more after dinner. While I truly indulged into this piece without feeling an inch of guilt or regret I could have a ‘my chocolate moment’ per day and not have the feeling that I am on a diet or missing anything in the first place.
No urge. No feeling of guilt. Just a good life and feeling good about it.
I hope that everybody who reads this can soon also embark on a journey of a good
Ice with good eating habits – but without forgoing too much! It’s all in your mind! …and you can do it to!

It doesn’t matter if I told you today that I lost 5 or 20kg – what’s most important is the fact that I feel good in my body again and have sooo much energy I could hug the whole world! So feel hugged from me 🙂

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